Poland Locations

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Less Mess currently has four locations in Warsaw, and one in Cracow, Wroclaw & Poznan.

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See virtual tour: Krakowska, Torunska, Bemowo

Czech Republic Locations

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Less Mess currently has three locations in Prague, at Holesovice, Dejvice and Pankrac.

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See virtual tour: Holesovice, Dejvice, Pankrac


LESS MESS have an attaches eShop's where you can purchase various packing and moving products.

Poland: www.eKartony.pl.

Czech: www.LessMess.eu.

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Warsaw: Krakowska, Torunska, Bemowo
Prague: Holesovice, Dejvice, Pankrac


Less Mess facilities are state of the art, fully alarmed, and maintained to the highest standard – please browse the images below to see for yourself.

About us

Less Mess is a private company with a mission to provide secure, convenient and cost-effective self-storage to the ever growing and dynamic emerging economies of the CEE.

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  • Secure, alarmed premises
  • Convenient access at all hours
  • Access to packaging materials
  • Central locations
  • Clean common areas
  • Great value
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